Perfectly Positive Monday #3

Whoohoo Monday! Get ready for a shitstorm* of positivity and exclamation points!!!
*I am so classy.
·         Made some headway on Chapter 10 of my damnable work-in-progress. I’m finally at the point where I’m writing from scratch which is actually an improvement over laboring on the 22nd revision of my first eight chapters.
·         My husband earned himself a foot rub because he read the last completed chapter of my novel and told me, “Seriously, this is the best chapter you’ve written. You’re getting so good!” I’m so proud of myself because it really is the sharpest, funniest thing I’ve written. I have always loved writing but if I’m gonna be honest, four years ago when I started writing seriously, I sucked at it. Now I can honestly say I suck much less. There’s at least a fifty percent reduction in suckage. Feel free to add your own suckage reduction/marriage joke here.
·         Because I can’t wait to get started with my next novel, I spent a lot of some time on Pinterest searching for character inspiration. My next novel is about a female rock star and her face hasn’t come to me yet. The first thing I do is focus on coloring and go from there, so I’m still unsure if she’ll be a blonde, brunette or redhead? My inclination is to write a redhead because I am obsessed with gingers and secretly dream of being one. But my husband picked out this itty bitty tattooed blonde on Pinterest and said, “That’s your character.”  Hmm.
Other Parts of Life:
·         Saw Avenged Sevenfold and Halestorm last Friday and it was so rad! Halestorm was surprisingly good and A7X can truly do no wrong in my eyes. Mostly because my eyes are busy ogling M. Shadows’ arms.
·         Got to eat at Cops and Doughnuts in Clare, MI which is always the best thing ever. They have this doughnut called the Bacon Squealer and it’s a long john with maple icing on top and two strips of bacon. It’s the best doughnut I’ve ever had and it tastes like pancakes! Don’t judge me. They make everything with love there and everyone knows that things made with love don’t have calories.
·         My hubs found a job! This comes after a miserable year of searching, applying and rejections. He started today and said he already loves his coworkers which is usually a good sign. Better to work a job you don’t like with people you do, than to work a job you love with people you can’t stand. I’ve done it both ways. I’ll take the sucky job with awesome coworkers every time.
·         My Mother-in-Law made some seriously delicious Lasagna last night. When I say it’s delicious you can bet on it, because (with the exception of Raman and Mac n’ Cheese) I hate all forms of pasta. I know, I’m a weirdo.
·         My best friend (who lives in Mexico) is staying in Michigan for the summer. Yay!
And now it is time again for…
Stuff That Makes Me Cheerful!

Maple Bacon Squealers from Cops & Doughnuts.

Avenged Sevenfold’s new single, Hail to the King.
Because seriously, SHARKNADO.
What brings you joy on this fine Monday?

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