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Hi. How are you? I’m well thanks. My new hero is being a bitch (such a bitch) and so I haven’t been around much lately. I apologize. I promise you’ll see more of me in the coming month. When I say you’ll see more of me, I mean more blog posts. I’m not gonna get naked or anything. No one wants to see that. Well actually my husband might…

The point is… uhhhhm….. I love Doctor Who?

That’s the point of everything really.

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  1. Debra McKellan


    I feel like I'm the only person on Twitter who doesn't watch Doctor Who. I tried a new episode, and I tried the very first. I didn't like them. =\

  2. Christina Mitchell

    I felt the same way. I tried watching from the beginning of the reboot and I couldn't get into it. The first one with the mannequins was so terrible! My friend Rob made me sit down and watch two of his favorite episodes and that's how he hooked me and that's how I hooked my husband. So if you want to see two good episodes to warm you up to the show, try "Blink" S3, Ep10 and "Silence in the Library" S4 Ep 8. Silence is a two parter so if you like it, stick around for the second one "Forest of the Dead" It's a good un'. David Tennant was the best Doctor ever. He owned that show from seasons 2-4. I'm not a fan of the current (soon to be replaced) Doctor played by Matt Smith. So anything current is confusing and sort of annoying in my opinion.

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