Christina Vs. The Barista

Christina Vs. The Barista

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Me: I’d like a small, dark hot chocolate with a double shot of caramel.**

Barista: Frozen, iced or hot?

Me: Uhm, what?

Barista:  Frozen, iced or hot hot chocolate.

Me: A small, dark HOT chocolate.

Barista: *gives me a look* Which kind?

Me: *through clenched teeth* Hot. Hot. Chocolate.

After paying…

Me: Oh, I’m sorry, did you give me my receipt?

Barista: Uhm, no.  *He looks away from me and then glances back like he forgot I was there.*

Me: *silence*

Barista: Did you, like, want one or something?


Some days, I just can’t with people.

On the plus side, my hot chocolate was delicious.

**Don’t you judge me. I had a long day.

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    HAHAHA! What idiot doesn't know the definition of HOT chocolate? I'm glad it was good and gave you (and us) a laugh and a story. It reminds me of an incident I had yesterday with an Office Depot cashier. I was in a hurry, bought a new keyboard and she asked "Do you want a receipt?" I said, "No thank you." She said then press the option. The options: Printed, Emailed, or No Email Receipt. I repeated: "I don't want a receipt." She repeated: "Choose the Option." I repeated, "I don't want a receipt. These options are…" She repeated, this time annoyed with my apparent snottiness,"Then press Print and I'll throw it away." Well, not knowing that she clearly intended to wastefully print up a little slip of paper and then happily add it to the earth's landfill, which I apparently should've known, I pressed "Print" because I did not want a receipt. What the heck is the world coming too. My story doesn't compare to a person who fails to know what hot chocolate is.


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