2016: The Year of Big Steps

I’m not a party animal.

Or if I am, I’m sort of a

party sloth

, so I don’t really go anywhere on New Years Eve because people-ing take way too much energy. But I do¬† love the concept of new year rituals. The kiss at midnight, the grapes for wishes and the resolutions. All rituals of HOPE. I’m a fan of that.

In that spirit, I assign each new year a theme and a goal. I don’t like reductive resolutions designed to empty wallets and fuel self-loathing. I’ve made those resolutions and they never make my life feel better or more purposeful. So the last few years, I assigned themed goals like this:

2014: The Year of Peaceful Living

2015: The Year of Joyful Living

2016: The Year of BIG STEPS

I really enjoyed meeting my 2015 resolutions like

Go to a museum to see real dinosaur bones

. That sparked a fun, memorable trip to Chicago, which I would never have done because I’m also a travel sloth.

So here are my resolutions:

1. Have a fully edited novel manuscript (or two) and one novella on Amazon by the end of the year.

2. Start seriously shopping for our dream house by November.

3. Buy a damn elliptical machine and use it.

I know number three sounds like one of those reductive resolutions I was thumbing my nose at earlier, but I have no weight loss goals. What I do have is diabetes. And if I don’t start joyfully moving my body, I won’t be around for the fruits of my writing labors. So a big step for me is HEALTH. Not clothing size. Not how many chins I have. Just my overall sense of well-being and my ability to eat a twinkie without passing out. It’s a big step because it requires me to grow up and get over my perfectionist and fatalistic attitude that says I shouldn’t bother because the damage is already done.

Anyhow, back on point, this is the year I’m turning my writing into a writing career.One of my big steps that goes along with number one, is to find my editing process. I’m figuring it out I think and I’ll have pictures and thoughts about that soon.

Forcing myself to turn my hopes and dreams into concrete goals is so liberating. They don’t feel so far away when I start making plans. I’m so optimistic about this whole writing thing, I started an Instagram account! Do I hate it? You betcha! But the point is I’m working on the dreaded P-word… platform. Ugh. Do I have to? Yes I do. Because a writing career isn’t a dream.

It’s a resolution.

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