A post about nothing…

Sometimes I write posts for Facebook and I never end up posting them. So they sit on my computer, un-clicked and un-liked. I decided to post this one here even though it’s not really timely but it is vaguely amusing. So whatevs.

Started off writing a blog post about Jai Courtney–don’t ask–and ended up writing a draft blog post about Pacific Rim. Again, don’t ask. From there, I was reading about my favorite character in the movie and while looking Pacific Rim gifs I was somehow led to a story from a comic artist who sexually harassed onstage during a con panel that she was sitting in. From there, I started reading about sexual harassment at cons and eventually landed on the story of a woman who was harassed by a well-known comic artist and when she spoke about it on Twitter, without naming names, and received tons of responses from other women who had the same experience and knew exactly who the writer was. This led to a big discussion about harassment and the comic writer stood up and said, “That was me. I don’t agree with the details but let’s use this to start talking about harassment and to change the landscape.” The woman responded and her response was more gracious than mine could have been, if I saw the situation THAT differently. But it’s still pretty cool that it sparked real conversation.

So it’s like four-hours later and damn, I learned so much, and all because I really REALLY don’t like Jai Courtney.

Who says hate isn’t a useful emotion?

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