I Stand on the Side of Love.

I Stand on the Side of Love.

I don't usually use this blog to discuss political things because honestly, I'm kind of shallow and I prefer to focus on pop culture and sarcasm. But I'm paying close attention to the current debate raging in the Supreme Court and something was said yesterday that tweaked me. I was so mad about it, I went home and subjected my husband to a twenty minute rant--don't worry, he's used to them.

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The Mythical Organized Writer

The Mythical Organized Writer

'm not one of those writers who has everything neat and tidy. But I long to be a be one of the few, the fabled... the Organized Writer. A writer who is never buried under piles of paper bits and dozens of half empty notebooks. Someone whose computer files are sorted and organized for easy access. A Wonder Woman of organizational prowess who has her stories cataloged and organized so manuscripts can be easily picked up and edited on the go.

But I am not that writer. I'm more of a, I'd work on my manuscript but I can never seem to find it, it's around here somewhere, kind of writer.

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I told my friend and fellow writer Meika that having Writer's Block is like being constipated. When it's stuck, it's really stuck, but once you get some (emotional) prune juice, well…

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