Why Do My Best Stories Happen at Speedway?

Why Do My Best Stories Happen at Speedway?

I had to go to Speedway for some gasoline. While I was at it, I went inside and bought some Krispy Kremes and a frozen coke because I drown my sorrows in junk food--yay, for familial dysfunction! So I'm standing in line and there is a lady at the counter, a very attractive lady with a smoking body who appeared to be wearing a light sweater over black leggings. The sweater just skimmed her hips so the leggings were in full view and they were very tight. The man standing directly behind her had his face practically glued to her shapely booty.

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Missing My Religion

I'm an Atheist.

I was raised by a Catholic Grandma and a Protestant Grandpa. I went to a small-town non-denominational church where I excelled at memorizing Bible verses. My favorite song was "Jesus Loves the Little Children" because it mentioned brown people and I was the only brown person for miles and miles.

I went to Bible school and Sunday School and church camps. In my early teens I listened to Christian music from bands like DC Talk, Michael W. Smith and Sandi Patti (which sounds like the name of a SpongeBob character now).

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Of Frozen Coke and Nazis…

Hubs decided that we needed frozen cokes (or as we call it in our household, "froke"). Needless to say, there was much whining, tussling, thumb wrestling and various threats to both of our tenderest bits as we tried to foist the task of driving to the store onto the other person. In good time, we resolved it like the grown ups we are by playing Rock Paper Scissors. Which I lost.

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Raise Your Hand If You’ve Been Bullied

I read a blog post today, written by a Pennsylvania photographer, Jen Mcken regarding cyber bullying. She discovered some of her clients were bullying others on Facebook and she canceled their senior photo appointments, sent them emails explaining why and also sent emails to their parents with screen captures of the little angels being vicious.

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Dr. King, Deconstructed

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Today on Martin Luther King Day, I cannot reflect on the hardships people have faced in the faded, dim recollection of the past. I cannot recall the images of hoses and dogs and hatred. Instead, with everything I have read of Dr. King, I am forced to reflect on the urgency of the battles humanity still has to fight.

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